Welcome from the Executive Director

KAIMRC sets its eyes on becoming a regional leader in biomedical research.



King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC) is witnessing the dawn of a new era with a strategy that focuses on selected diseases as priority areas for research and development (R&D). Our new roadmap will help optimise KAIMRC’s resources and ensure the best possible management of this thriving R&D centre, which is represented by multiple branches across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

KAIMRC has succeeded in quickly positioning itself at the level of other major national biomedical research institutions. The centre aims to establish a strong foothold on the path toward success with the goal of reaching the global biomedical R&D stage within a few years. 

In an attempt to reach all our stakeholders and partners locally, regionally and internationally, this new magazine, Innovations, is dedicated to keeping readers abreast of R&D activities within KAIMRC, as well as highlighting significant biomedical R&D breakthroughs relevant to KAIMRC’s strategic areas.

We hope that Innovations will represent an attractive window for potential partners as well as those interested in joining KAIMRC to learn more about our activities and to share our enthusiasm for building a vibrant biomedical and clinical research centre in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  



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